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Product Review Blogs by Honest Product Review Bloggers

Product Review Blogs

Yes, even Dads need some help every now and then ūüôā While it is true that us Dads don’t like stopping to ask for directions, we do like getting products that don’t suck! ¬†Is there anything more frustrating than buying the latest gadget, toy, gizmo…only to find out that it really does not work as advertised?

Product Review Blogs That You Can Trust

It is for this very reason that we are starting a new section on Daddy Bloggers called ¬†– “Product Review Blogs That You Can Trust“. ¬†The idea is simple, turn the spotlight on Dad Blogs that do honest, real world product reviews. ¬†We are not looking for sites that just spit back a press release they have been fed – we want Moms and Dads who actually use the products they review and then provide honest feedback. With this in mind, we turn our Product Review spotlight today on…

Dad Does – The Place Where Dads Do Things and Review Things

The concept behind DadDoes.Com is very simple.  They looked at other product review blogs and simply felt that they could do better.  There are plenty of sites doing reviews, but most do not spend the time to really get to know the product.  The goal for most bloggers is to get the most content out, as quickly as possible.  DadDoes.Com believes it takes time to do an accurate product review and is much more focused on quality over quantity.

Videos – It Is All About the Videos…

What we like most about DadDoes.Com is their extensive use of videos. ¬†Have a look at their very popular YouTube Channel (awesome toy reviews) and you will see what we are talking about. ¬†They show the products in action and explain exactly what they like and dislike. ¬†It is a great way to see a product and determine if it would be a good fit for your needs. Their coverage of products is very diverse – everything from toys to phones. ¬†Here are two examples…

Here they give a quick review of a $10 Zano Bow toy –

But it is not all toys, here they review a D-Link wireless camera –

It is the diversity of products that this blogger reviews that we really like.

A Great Place To Find Honest Product Reviews…

So, if you are looking for a great place to find honest, real world product reviews, we strongly recommend you visit http://www.DadDoes.Com

Much More To Come

We are just getting started and will have many more product review blogs that we like in the coming weeks.

Daddy Bloggers You Should Be Reading!

Let’s be honest, we all have about 20 different things we should be doing right now…instead of wasting time online. ¬†The kids probably need to be picked up from school, laundry is not washing itself and the grass just will not stop growing. ¬†Still, here you are – online and looking for something fun to read.

We Hear You Dad and We Got You Covered

We totally get it Рsometimes you just need time to relax and not be productive.  Being a Dad is hard work and at times totally exhausting.  What better way to energize your body and soul than to hear other Dads complain about being a Dad!

Yep, we are talking about Dad Bloggers.  Mom Bloggers have been around for years, but Dad Bloggers are relatively new to the scene.  Still, you just have precious moments before the kids start screaming and your wife finds out you are not mowing the lawn.  So, the whole idea of DaddyBloggers.Com is to hand pick the best Dad Bloggers, so you get to read the very best Dad Blogs, in the few moments of downtime you have.

Today’s Pick – Dad Does

Picking favorites among all the Dad Blogs is like picking favorites among your kids. So hard to do – we love a number of Dad Blogs, but for consistent quality and the very best product reviews online, we go with DadDoes.Com¬†–

Dad Does

If you are into honest reviews from a parents’ perspective, Dad Does is the Dad Blog you want to read. ¬†Don’t like reading? ¬†No problem! Check out their YouTube Channel – over 500 videos and 15 million views. ¬†Go Daddy Powder!

Want to see a sample of their videos? ¬†Check out this awesome comparison of the Blackberry Z30 to the iPhone 5 –

Quick Give Dad Does A Look, I Think I Head Your Wife Calling

Okay, enough talk Рyour time is limited.  Is that your wife screaming for you.  Well, just stall for a few more minutes and check out Dad Does, you will not be disappointed!

Many More Daddy Bloggers will be coming soon!